6th October 2017

A covered parking lot is your car’s best friend. Here’s why.

Your luxury vehicle is vulnerable to more than just theft when left outdoors. All it takes is some smart planning in advance to ensure you don’t lose sleep over your prized possession.
blog-author By Karen C

A couple of years ago when I bought my first car, I shelled out several thousands on car-washing detergents, wax and other paraphernalia that promised to keep my car looking eternally showroom-worthy. One of my biggest nightmares at that time was finding parking space for my car, overnight, on the street where I lived. I was terrified I would wake up to a vandalized car, or worse, a car-sized missing space by the sidewalk. Since then, I’ve never been more convinced about the importance of living in a flat in Goa where parking space is assured.


A well-secured parking lot at Tremonte, Goa

As a car owner and real-estate advisor, the benefits of a covered car parking area are all too real for me to ignore. Here are some of the top reasons I advise my clients to look for a building with covered car parking facilities when searching for a flat in Goa.

1. Protection from the natural elements

Constant exposure to sun, rain and wind can damage a car’s exterior in the long run. In Goa, vehicles are subject to nearly four months of heavy rain that can lead to rust and a damaged paint coat. A covered car park is the smartest way to keep your car safe from the natural elements.

2. Safe from thieves and miscreants

Parking your car outdoors leaves it vulnerable to thieves and other miscreants. With a guarded and covered parking lot, you can be sure your expensive luxury vehicle is out of range for troublemakers.


Parking your car outdoors leaves it vulnerable

3. Protection from unwanted outdoor surprises

A reserved parking slot outdoors is helpful but not enough. After all, it won’t save your car from the dents, scratches and broken glass that could result from falling branches, bird droppings, hailstorms and the stray cricket ball. With a covered car park, you’ll never have to lose sleep over minutiae like these.


A reserved parking slot outdoors is helpful but not enough

4. Cooler interiors

No matter how strong your car AC, a car parked outdoors under the blazing Goan sun feels like an oven to your skin the moment you enter. Compare that to a sheltered car park where the temperature inside your car is relatively more pleasant and the car also cools faster when the AC is turned on.

5. Comfortable entry and exit into car

You know that difficult moment when you close your umbrella and try to get into your vehicle in the pouring rain? Both you and the car seat end up getting soaked. Contrast this image with an underground parking lot where you can enter your car at leisure and, even better, stay dry throughout.


Stay dry with a covered parking lot

6. UV and You

We’re so accustomed to thinking of UV rays in terms of its impact on humans that we rarely stop to think of its impact on man-made products, especially vehicles fabricated from toughened steel. Fact is, UV rays have a deleterious effect on vehicles parked outdoors and hence cars are better off parked in a garage.

7. Better resale value

Vehicles parked in a garage look perceptibly better than those that have been left outdoors for years. This can make a difference to the resale value of your car so think ahead and park your car in a covered area from the time of purchase itself, if possible.

In Goa, Tremonte is one of the few residential complexes to offer residents assured parking space for two vehicles in its double stilt parking lot. Creating a double stilt parking space is a huge construction expense, which is why residential properties like Tremonte are few and far in between.

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