17th January 2018

Forest bath, anyone?

karen-caeiro-tremonte-blog-author By Karen C

As I run through my lengthy list of things to do in 2018, the item that begs to be fulfilled this weekend is a ‘Forest Bath’. Don’t shake your head in disapproval just yet – it’s not what you think. Forest Bathing or rather Shinrin-yoku which originated in Japan in the eighties was conceived to promote natural therapy as the route to good health for the Japanese.


Forest bathing simply requires an individual to take a walk through a forest and soak in the dappled light, sights, smells and fresh air of the surroundings. Certain studies suggest that the compounds released by the resident trees are beneficial in lowering heart rate and blood pressure, reducing stress and boosting the immune system.

Tall claims or scientific truths? At any rate, I consider myself lucky to have a house in Goa and to have the luxury of breathing fresh, pure air for most part of the day. The opportunity to have a forest bath in Goa is but an added bonus.

If you weren’t already aware, Goa has 6 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 1 National Park that are quite impressive for their size and dense green cover. Most of Goa’s forests are located to the East of the State and range from Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests and Sub-Tropical Forests to Semi- Evergreen Forests.

Revive yourself at these forests in Goa

  • Bhagwan Mahavir National Park (Sanguem)
  • bhagwan-mahavir-national-park-goa

  • Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary (Sanguem)
  • Bhagwan-Mahavir-Wildlife-Sanctuary-reserve-goa

  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary (Canacona)
  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary (Ponda)
  • Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary (Satari)
  • Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary (Tiswadi)
  • kingfisher-in-goa-fields

  • Netravalli Wildlife Sanctuary (Sanguem)
  • Netravali-Wildlife-Sanctuary-goa

    Before you set out for any of the above, remember, the main objective of a forest bath is to enjoy a relaxed, calming walk through the forest, so resist the urge to turn the experience into a hike backed with a load of selfies. No picnic baskets with friends and family either. A little meditation or light yoga mid-way: yes.

    Because being in proximity to Nature is so intrinsic to good health, the design for Tremonte - our real estate project in Goa - incorporates nearly 2 acres of landscaped greenery into the layout. Not only does this large cluster of trees, plants, shrubs and grass create a cool micro-climate that surrounds our flats in Goa, it also has an energizing and calming effect on the human mind and body.

    The best part of living at Tremonte is the ability to enjoy Nature 24x7 at your doorstep without having to trek miles in search of greenery.

    To know more about our smart and green real estate project in Goa, be sure to get in touch at You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how we’re upping the standards of living in South Goa.

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