30th August 2017

The one feature that every residential property in Goa ought to have but doesn’t. A cycling track.

blog-author By Shamaine C

What’s the best way to enjoy Goa’s unique climate and topography? Locals agree that there’s nothing like getting around on foot but if you want to cover more area, quickly, you’ll do well to hop on to a bicycle and pedal away. The advantages of exploring a place on bicycle are all too obvious – the chance to stop anywhere and as often as you like; low-cost transport and access to narrow lanes that are often out of bounds for four-wheelers.

At Tremonte – our residential property in Goa – our walking and cycling track is a natural extension of our endeavour to create a living space that is green and environment-friendly. Indeed, what better place for a child or even adult to master the art of cycling than on our nearly 2-km-long cycling track that encircles this property in Goa. Parents who have struggled in vain for a safe place to help their young children gain confidence over their bicycles will no doubt appreciate the safety features and convenience of a cycling track within a private property. Likewise for adults and senior citizens who live in a luxurious flat in Goa but have no access to a vehicle-free, safe cycling zone at the end of the day.


Cycling is a great form of exercise as it offers the body a complete workout, but in recent years bicycles have gained traction more as an alternative to fuel-guzzling, environment-polluting vehicles, especially for short-distance commutes. In cities like Amsterdam, citizens concerned about rising air pollution levels have been quick to switch to bicycles as the preferred mode of transport to run errands and even to get to work.

Will Goa be able to catch up with this positive trend? Making the leap from a cycling track within a single residential private property in Goa to a cyclist-friendly State may seem like a tall order, but it is a starting point. With proper infrastructure, support facilities and the determination to make Goa a cleaner, greener place, it shouldn’t be long before bicycles outnumber pollution-causing vehicles.